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Fertility Awareness &
Family Planning

  • over the course of 3-6 months, once the decision has been made to start your family

    • 3 - 60 minute calls (FaceTime, Zoom or telephone) to cover

    • for families with a uterus: who will be carrying, what appointments have been had already, what do you know about known or anonymous donors, etc. Cycle tracking & ovulation awareness. Financial expectations

    • for families without a uterus: understanding egg donors and surrogacy. What appointments have already been had. Financial expectations.

    • following up on the decisions that needed to be made, appointments with care providers from previous conversation and arranging next steps

    • walking through the first appointment with the care team/egg donor/surrogacy agency and more

    • travel planning for those working with surrogates from far away.


Paid up front - $900.00

Split into two payments of $500.00 each (1st instalment paid with booking and 2nd paid 4 weeks later)

(any additional consultations in this category would be billed at $225.00/hour)

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