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Performing Art Class
Performing Art Class

Whether you are looking for group classes or are looking private connection, this is your link to find out all you need to know about the labour, birth, postpartum and feeding start of your parenting journey.

Maybe you are still in the early planning process of growing your family.  Perhaps you want to know more about what options are available to you. There is always the possibility that you would like to know where to start when looking at surrogacy and/or adoption.  This is your link for coordinating private consultation time with me. In-person and Zoom appointments are available.

Postpartum support is also available in-person or with a Zoom call also.

Business Consultation
Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

These are exciting and interactive classes that address the topics you are eager to learn more about so that you can be completely ready to meet your newest family member(s).  Click here to see what the next few classes are, how to join and when they will be offered.

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