Your journey is yours.
You deserve not to be treated as "other"

It is my focus and goal to help you receive the information you need in order to make the right and best decisions for you to have the safest, happiest and healthiest birth possible.  At the same time I want to create an atmosphere and opportunity where you can meet other queer families who are embarking on the same journey as you.  This is a chance for you to form bonds in the community with families that look like yours.   


I offer classes where we can focus on the specific experiences that members of the 2SLGBTQIIA+ community may have that might differentiate from other classes offered.  The focus in most childbirth preparation is on heterosexual norms and while I understand that, you deserve for me to respect where you are coming from without compromising any of the important information needed to help you prepare for the birth of your baby.

Nursing Newborn


Are you READY to get started on your journey to expanding your family? Do you know what you need to know? Where do you start?  

My role is to offer consultation services that help guide you on your way.  I will help give you an idea as to what you will need to know, who you may want to communicate with, what organizations will be able to help you.  

If you are local to me then I can do a lot of this in person and I can help you take this to the next level. If you are not local to me we will chat over Zoom and then I will connect you with allies in your community so that you have the resources available to you that you need.