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Thinking about what it would mean to grow your family?  Are you feeling as though you are meeting roadblocks and disrespect when you speak with potential care providers, agencies, etc. simply because of who you are and who you love? 

Regardless of what your family looks like, I want to help.

Select from a list of services that will work well for you on your adventure! If you live local to me, I can work with you in person while those who are further away can schedule Zoom appointments with me. 

Fees for my consultation and classes are listed under the "Services" tab.

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"We interviewed three doulas but after meeting Sam, we knew we wanted her to be with us during the birth of our first child. It was clear we had made the right decision after we took her prenatal and breastfeeding classes.It meant so much to us to have Sam there for the most important day of our lives and we really hope to work with Sam again in the future." – S. Schlatter

"We loved your classes! We used tons of the advice!" - A. Franklin

"Sam was an amazing coach. As first time parents, we were anxious about the birth of our child and had many questions in anticipation of the big event. Sam helped us to understand what would happen, contributing excellent resources for traditional and alternative health care considerations. We were lucky to have Sam with us before and during labour -- it made all the difference for us." - J. Abray-Nyman

The more stories I hear, the more lucky I feel. At a time when so many families are treated like numbers, and so many people fear labour, Sam embodies the natural beauty that becoming a parent is. Thanks for everything Sam!"  – A. Hasselfield


Separate from our babyREADY page on Facebook, I have also created an LGBTQ+ parenting support network on Facebook.

Look us up under: LGBTQ+ Parents Burlington Hamilton and Golden Horseshoe

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