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Parenting Your Tween & Teen

This package is designed with both parents and grandparents of children ages 13 and up in mind.

Your children really begin to shine at this time in their lives. They are building friendships that they have forged on their own. They have developed something of their own style, their own taste in music and are trying to determine what direction they want to take in their lives. they are finding their first job and are learning about responsibility outside of your four walls.

As they desperately want to be adults and treated as such, they also want to be able to lean on you as the children they continue to be. It can be so hard to balance their wants with ensuring you are setting them up for educational, employment and independent success.  We want them to remain our "little babies" but they aren't and we aren't helping them grow up if we aren't working with them to mature into the best versions of themselves that they can be.

This time is often when grandparents aren't needed for much more than the odd overnight care giving (so you can have a much needed night/weekend for yourself) so they miss the time that they used to have with your child. It isn't unusual that this is the time that boundaries are crossed and conflict can arise between you and all of the people you love most.

These sessions are designed with navigating all of your own emotions about watching your child grow up and away from you while establishing expectations that respect every member of your family.


Paid up front - $600.00

Split into two payments of $300.00 each (1st instalment paid with booking and 2nd paid 4 weeks later)

(any additional consultations in this category would be billed at $225.00/hour)

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