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Parenting Your Baby/Babies

We will have three 60-minute calls (via FaceTime, Zoom, or telephone) spread over six weeks to three months. During these calls, we will discuss the following topics:

  1. How you and your partner were raised as children. We will explore whether you had single parents, married parents, or step parents, and what discipline styles were used. We will also discuss what aspects of these parenting styles you liked and what you did not agree with. Furthermore, we will examine whether you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to parenting.

  2. Whether your child is a new baby, and you are trying to figure out how to soothe them, feed them, and get them to sleep, or your child is older, and you are working through how to discipline them, support them, and help them grow, there are so many parenting thoughts to work through.

  3. What kind of parent you envision yourself being, and what about your partner? We will discuss how you plan to support one another in these roles and whether your extended families will respect your approach. We will also explore how you can work together to grow your family in a way that feels right for both of you.


Costs: $600.00

(any additional consultations in this category would be billed at $225.00/hour)

Sheena and Sabrina are Queer parents who welcomed their baby in the early 2020s
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