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Doula Coaching

For almost every doula I have had the gift to meet over the last 25+ years, it is not simply a profession; it is a calling. I remember coming home from that first birth knowing in my soul that it is what I was meant to do with my life.

The focus of this coaching series is to help you develop that passion, allowing you to blossom into the most powerful, respectful and educated doula you can possibly be.

Sam with Nickis baby
Sam with Leasas baby
Cousins etc
Sam with Summers baby
At work at THC

Starting Your Doula Journey

You are thinking about starting off on your path to becoming a doula. Excellent! This coaching package is created with you in mind. We will connect to talk about what your vision for an "ideal" birth is, how you find it best to express yourself and preparing for labour support from an informational perspective.

Cost: $225.00 


Knowing Your Biases

At this point in time all of us are aware of the personal biases we bring into every introduction to a new person, experience or place. This conversation is to guide you to recognize those biases, expand beyond them and establish the framework for being the most respectful doula you can be.

Cost: $225.00


Infusing Your Business With DEI Awareness

No one expects you to check every box. No one expects you to know everything, especially about the parts of life that you can't truly know. That said, you want to lead with the best intentions and put your most honest foot forward so let's work together to help you create your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion values for your business so that the image you are projecting to the world, reflects your core values.

Cost: $225.00


Website and Social Audit

Sometimes the easiest place to start is to have an outsider have a look at how you present yourself to the world. This last service is one that is included for those who purchase all three of the Doula Coaching packages. If you would like to simply purchase the audit then that is billed separately.

The audit alone is: $250.00 (for up to 10 pages of content). Additional pages billed at $225.00/hour or part thereof.

The babyREADY doula preparation packages are sold individually or as a group.

Each session is one hour via Zoom.

Individually the sessions are: $225.00

If you purchase all 3 sessions at $600.00 then babyREADY will also audit your website (up to 10 pages maximum) and consult with you afterwards to ensure your social presence reflects your personal beliefs.

The audit alone is: $250.00 (for up to 10 pages of content). Additional pages billed at $225.00/hour or part thereof.

Get in Touch

Looking for more information? Reach out to me here and let's connect!

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