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Fertility Awareness & Family Planning

This package is designed for individuals or couples who have made the decision to start a family and are looking for guidance and support throughout the process. Our work together spans over 3-6 months & includes three 60-minute calls via Zoom.


For those who plan to carry the baby, we will discuss important topics such as who will be carrying, previous appointments, known or anonymous donors, cycle tracking, ovulation awareness, financial expectations & more. For those who will not be carrying, we will cover understanding egg donors, surrogacy,  adoption options, previous appointments, financial expectations & more.


We will follow up on any decisions that need to be made, schedule appointments with care providers, egg donors, agencies, and arrange next steps. I will also guide you through the first appointment with the care team or agency and provide support for travel planning for those working with people/agencies from far away.


My aim is to make the family planning process as stress-free and comfortable as possible for you, providing you with the knowledge and resources necessary to make informed decisions.


Costs: $600.00

(any additional consultations in this category would be billed at $225.00/hour)

Guilliame et Luigi dream about their Queer Family Planning path through surrogacy
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