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Parenting Your Child

This package is designed with parents and grandparents of children between the ages of 2 and 11.

Once we get past that initial couple of years of parenting, where we make all of the decisions and our children follow our instruction, we move into a time where our child begins to hone their own interests, and articulate their own feelings. Truth be told this can be magical to watch unfold. It can also be the most frustrating time in your life. You know what is best for your child because you are an adult. Trying to have your child understand that and explain it to them in a way that they can comprehend can be difficult at best.

Just for fun and excitement let's add in daily babysitters that we happen to be related to. Grandparents sometimes make the very best childminders. However, it is highly probable that they parented differently than you parent your own child and it is not uncommon for frustrations to arise.

These sessions are designed so that you can learn how you want to parent and you can articulate with your parents just how you request that they care for your child when they are left in charge.

Costs: $600.00

(any additional consultations in this category would be billed at $225.00/hour)

Morgan Sheridan, FA and his two girls born via surrogacy
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