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Growing Your Family: Introducing a Sibling

Over the course of 6-10 weeks, we will schedule two 60-minute calls (via FaceTime, Zoom, or telephone) to cover the following topics:

  1. How to prepare yourselves and your existing child/children for the arrival of a new person in the family. We will discuss what this means in terms of time and abilities of the new baby and the expected role of each family member. We will also explore strategies to help smooth the transition and ensure that everyone feels included and supported during this time.

  2. How your family has grown, evolved, and shifted since the baby arrived and how each family member is coping. We will discuss any challenges or concerns you may have and explore strategies to help you cope with the changes. Furthermore, we will identify any wins that have already unfolded and discuss how to celebrate them.


Together, we will work to ensure that your family is thriving during this exciting time.


Costs: $400.00

(any additional consultations in this category would be billed at $225.00/hour)

Troy and his children all birthed via surrogacy
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