NOT "The Other" Baby Show 

Registration Opening Soon

babyREADY is proud to be hosting the first 2SLGBTQIA+ community BABY SHOW focused on community members who want to start a family, are in the process of growing their family and/or have young babies & children.


We will have a variety of experts who identify as 2SLGBTQIA+ who will speak about subjects that may or may not directly impact the family planning of fellow community members that the heteronormative world might not have considered.  


Additionally we will have interviews available for everyone to listen to from some parents who have "been there, done that." Listen as they explain their challenges AND their joys with the growth of their respective families.  You will be introduced to conversations about surrogacy, RIVF, IVF, IUI and more.

Let us know that you want to register.

We will keep you posted!!
Parents and Child
Pregnant Belly
September 24, 2022
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