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Upon reflection, I realized that the term "baby show" may be a misnomer for the event I have organized. While some of you may be here to learn about products and services for your growing family, others may still be on the journey of exploring how to create a family. You may be navigating fertility processes, considering surrogacy, or researching legalities. Or perhaps you have found the perfect person to help you create a family, and now you want to learn about lactation services, pregnancy comfort measures, or unique ways to celebrate the journey. You may also be eager to hear the stories of others who have walked this path before you.

To address the diverse needs of all attendees, I have curated over two dozen conversations with experts and experienced individuals, which are available as both audio and video recordings. I am also continuously adding new stories to the collection. Whether you're listening to these discussions while multitasking or tuning in to watch the videos, I hope that this event serves as a valuable resource for you on your journey towards building a family.

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