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Resources for Queer Parents-to-Be

Dreaming about Queer Family Planning

 This is the page you need if you are thinking about starting or growing your family as a Queer Parent.

Some of the types of resources linked here are agencies associated with:

  • sperm donors

  • egg donors

  • surrogates

  • adoption options 

This is also a place to find community resource links within the GTA and legal support.


Queer Health and Community Resources in Toronto

Before the process of family creation even begins, it can be helpful to know what protections the Canadian government has put into place for both donors as well as those who need to use eggs and/or sperm from someone else.

Sites for accessing sperm

CAN-AM Cryoservices:

Origin Sperm Bank:

Canada Cryobank:

Sites for accessing eggs
Fertility Clinics

Pollin Fertility - centrally located on the Yonge line of the TTC at Eglinton, Pollin is determined to create a safe space for your family planning journey. With Queer staff on site, they are committed to ensuring all of their Queer patients feel respected and heard, every step of the way:

Twig Fertility - with two easy-to-access locations in Toronto:

Hannam Fertility in Toronto:

Anova Fertility in Toronto:

RCC The Reproductive Care Centre in Mississauga and Oakville:

ONE Fertility in Burlington:

CReATe Fertility London:

Ontario Fertility Network - Barrie Fertility:

Astra Fertility Group, Belleville:

Ottawa Fertility Centre:

Surrogacy Agency Support

New Hope Surrogacy & Egg Donation:

Hive Surrogacy:

Proud Fertility:

Surrogacy in Canada Online:

Legal Support

DSF Devry Smith Frank LLP:

Fertility Law Canada:

McKenzie Lake Lawyers:

D2 Law:

Sherry Levitan Fertility Lawyer:

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