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Their Stories in Their Words

Welcome to the stories of the parents who have "been there" and "done that."

You are thinking about starting your journey or you have already begun doing the work that needs to be done and this is a place for you to hear some stories from people/couples who have been where you are. Let them tell you what their journey was like. 

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MB family 2022


Christine & Jen

Christine and Jen join us to talk about the processes they went through to grow their family to include two children.

Christine and Jen interview
00:00 / 22:09


Guillaume et Luigi

Guillaume et Luigi dream of being parents. This is a journey that sees them travelling outside of their home country so that they can find an egg donor and surrogate to assist them.

Guillaume et Luigi interview
00:00 / 23:57
Guillaume et Luigi
Jessie and their children



Jessie and their ex-wife had the opportunity to each carry a child. While no longer married, they continue to co-parent their children so that their kids grow up in a loving and supportive environment.

Jessie interview
00:00 / 19:56



Achieving parenthood while still single is an undertaking that can find a person travelling the globe. Joseph tells us the international story of how he became the father of twins.

Joseph interview
00:00 / 23:11
The Dad Diaries
Kristen and Alexis Queer moms


Kristen & Alexis

Born 12 weeks early, identical twin babies are now home with their moms in Illinois. Kristen and Alexis investigated a variety of options when it comes to family planning before choosing IVF.

Kristen and Alexis interview
00:00 / 30:34


Lucie & Alyson

Lucie, Alyson and babyREADY collaboratively chose to make this interview an audio only file. We invite you to pop in your AirPods and listen while you walk, drive or journey about on your day!

Lucie and Alyson interview
00:00 / 17:08
Lucie Alyson and Indigo Queer moms
Morgan and Ale Queer moms


Morgan & Ale

Whether or not to use an known donor is something that every 2SLGBTQIA+ person needs to consider when growing a family. Morgan and Ale explain why they made the choice that they did to have their child.

Morgan and Ale interview
00:00 / 17:08



When you decide to start a family you put on your rose coloured glasses and assume all will go as planned. Patricia explains the long journey they have been on to have a second child and the toll such a process can take.

Patricia interview
00:00 / 12:17
Tricia Queer mom
Sheena and Sabrina Queer moms


Sheena & Sabrina

Sheena and Sabrina have wonderful insight to the processes involved in starting a family. Please stick with us (watch for some "subtitles") as there were a few sound hiccups throughout.

Sheena and Sabrina interviewArtist Name
00:00 / 18:05



Articulate and deeply passionate about his role as father, Troy explains what surprises and struggles they went through as he and his ex-husband created their family with the aid of surrogates.

Troy audioArtist Name
00:00 / 23:08
Troy and children Queer dad
Victoria and Emily Queer moms who used RIVF


Victoria & Emily

Not every little girl dreams of carrying a baby in her uterus although that doesn't mean she doesn't dream of being a parent. Emily and Victoria used the process of RIVF to create their existing family.

Due to the length of this conversation, please note that it was split into two so that you don't miss a moment and nothing had to be edited out.

Victoria and Emily part one
00:00 / 24:54
Victoria and Emily part two
00:00 / 19:50



Once you have a chance to listen to all the Jaimie and her wife went through to create their family, you will understand why she felt compelled to share the stories of of 2SLBGTQIA+ existing and hopeful parents.

Due to the length of this conversation, please note that it was split into two so that you don't miss a moment and nothing had to be edited out.

Jaimie part 1Artist Name
00:00 / 21:12
Jaimie part 2Artist Name
00:00 / 23:01
Jaimie Kelton from Queer Family Podcast

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