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Their Work in Their Own Words

Welcome to the stories of the professionals who make their living working with people/couples who want to start or grow their families.

These professionals also identify as being members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community themselves thus making it possible for them to have a first-hand awareness of the questions and the needs of the community. 

It is our expectation that all of this will make this them and their work feel somewhat more relatable for you.

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Amy P.jpeg


Amy Perry - Doula

Amy Perry is a full spectrum doula who works alongside people/couples/families as they embark upon their fertility or surrogacy journey.

Amy Perry - Doula
00:00 / 14:18


Ashlee Livingstone - Coach

One of the biggest challenges faced by new parents is ensuring that they put their own needs and those of their family first. Ashlee is a coach whose role it is to teach parents how to set and keep boundaries.

Ashlee Livingstone
00:00 / 27:50
Ashlee L Headshot.jpg
Aunjrya McTaggart RN IBCLC.jpg


Aunjrya McTaggart RN & IBCLC

Aunjrya spends her days working as a Registered Nurse as well as being the owner of her own business, baby hippie as an IBCLC. She has an additional area of focus on lactation induction for expectant, non-birthing parents. 

Aunjrya McTaggart
00:00 / 21:57


Azura Goodman - RN & IBCLC

Azura has worked in the realm of Public Health for the majority of her career to this point. Using the wisdom gleaned in that role she has expanded her work to include specializing in infant feeding and postpartum mood disorders so that her clients receive balanced care from her.

Azura Goodman
00:00 / 34:54
Azura pic2.jpeg


Carly Forbes - RN, Lactation Specialist & Sleep Coach

Carly joins us to talk both about the newborn support work that she does but also to describe what being a parent to her toddler is like and the journey to becoming a parent.

Carly Forbes
00:00 / 16:25


Christine Lafazanos - Celebrant

Christine opens our minds to the world of baby naming ceremonies, gender non-specific baby showers/parties and all kinds of ways at looking at honouring our transitions to parenthood.

Christine Lafazanos
00:00 / 28:39
Chris Lafazanos.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 12.46.00 PM.png


Cora Beitel - Registered Midwife

Cora joins us from the West Coast of Canada to talk about the role of a midwife in a pregnancy and birth process as well as to explain the Trans & Queer Pregnancy & Parenting group they facilitate online and in person.

Cora Beitel
00:00 / 28:02


Dr. Cyndi Gilbert - Naturopath

Dr. Cyndi is a Naturopath who works in the realm of both educating other practitioners about the role of Naturopathic Medicine in fertility, conception and overall health, she also cares for patients on that same path.

Dr Cyndi Gilbert
00:00 / 25:19
Dr Donald.jpg


Dr. Donald Littlewood - Chiropractor

While not a practitioner who focuses on care throughout pregnancy, Dr. Donald is a Chiropractor who treats people as they work to enhance their health in advance of conception and throughout the parenting journey.

Dr Donald Littlewood
00:00 / 16:10


Dr. Dustin Costescu - OB/Gyn.

An OB/Gyn and Associate Professor, Dr. Dustin takes the time to speak with us about the work he does and the experiences he has faced in his life that how build a foundation of care for his patients.

Dr Dustin Costescu
00:00 / 23:53
Elisa Gores.jpg


Elisa Gores - RSW & Reproductive Counsellor

Elisa is a Reproductive Counsellor with Twig Fertility. She takes the time to explain to reasons and benefits to the mandated appointments people have when using a donor to have a family.

Elisa Gores
00:00 / 24:43


Jess Nazareth - ND Candidate & Sex Coach

Jess explains the two professional roles she works at and the way the two titles blend together when working with individuals and couples looking to start or grow their family. 

Jess Nazareth
00:00 / 14:55
Jess N headshot.jpeg
Laine HZ.jpeg


Laine Halpern Zisman - Queer Fertility Doula

The number of professional roles Laine works at on a daily basis is too long of a list to note. The foundation of all of the work that she does is to support and educate those looking to start and grow their respective families.

Laine Halpern Zisman
00:00 / 21:19


Lara Stewart Panko - Registered Social Worker &  Hypnobirthing Childbirth Ed.

A Registered Social Worker and Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator in her professional roles, Lara shares about the birth work she does and the way that they have evolved to be the practitioner they are.  

Lara Stewart Panko
00:00 / 24:13
Lara Headshot.jpg


Marc Kemerer - Lawyer

The simple reality is that for members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, legal costs arise. Marc speaks with us about the kinds of legal situations that can come up with family creation and the work that he does.

Marc Kemerer
00:00 / 17:22


Nici Shipman - Surrogate

Parent of two children she birthed herself, Nici now co-operates a surrogacy company with the focus of helping to create families for those looking to become parents. Her knowledge about the process and the legal implications internationally is broad and insightful.

Nici Shipman
00:00 / 14:09
Christina .jpeg

17 - new in November

Christina Alicea - Lead Medical Assistant/Third Party Egg Donor Coordinator

For many members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, having a baby without having a uterus means starting at the very beginning. Christina celebrates being able to work with IPs who need to start with an egg to fertilize so that a surrogate can carry.

Christina Alicea
00:00 / 18:32

18 - new in November

Morgan Sheridan - Financial Planner

Morgan has the experience of navigating the world of surrogacy to be able to become the proud father of twin girls so he is aware of the costs associated with family planning as a 2SLGBTQIA+ identifying person. This makes him an invaluable resource about how to save money for people wanting to start or grow their families. 

Morgan and family.jpg
Morgan Sheridan
00:00 / 22:06
Finn S.png

19 - new in November

Finn Schubert - Writer, Speaker & 
Public Health Researcher

Finn is passionate about helping 2SLGBTQIA+ families claim their personal narrative, knowledge, and authority throughout the family-building journey. In our conversation he weaves his lived personal experience through fertility and pregnancy with his acquired professional knowledge.

Finn Schubert
00:00 / 23:33

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