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Highlights from June 8, 2024

The speakers were engaging, the attendees were eager to learn and a wonderful time was had by everyone.

To all who came, who shared, who supported; we appreciate you!

Just know . . . we will be back!!

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To connect with our speakers:

Dr. Jessica Nazareth, Naturopathic Doctor

Myroslava Tyzkyj, Registered Psychotherapist

Marc Kemerer, Lawyer

Dr. Ravi Dhillon, Family Doctor

Leanne Masewich, RN Surgery Centre Manager, Pollin Fertility

Erin MacKenzie, MSc, Andrologist, Pollin Fertility

Morgan Sheridan, Financial Advisor

Morgan was not able to attend in person. To view his invaluable guidance about planning financially for your future family, please click below:

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